Enhancing Instore Experiences for Brands and Retailers

Discover Eurodisplay, a leading European innovation agency specializing in instore experience creation. Our mission is to elevate customer experiences for brands and retailers. With our expertise in the development of instore projects, we transform customer engagement with your brand in the retail environment.

Empowering Retail Solutions with Expertise

We listen to your wishes and translate your brand story into actionable plans. Dedicated teams guide our customers through each stage of the development process of designing, engineering, production, and installations, ensuring the achievement of the best possible results. From inception to completion, our dedicated support leads to successful outcomes.

Kick-off session

We start by understanding your unique needs and goals. Our team collaborates closely with you to share valuable insights, ensuring we tailor our solutions to your specific requirements.

Design studio

Our creative designers transform your ideas into visually captivating sketch or 3D point-of-sale (POS) designs. We focus on creating eye-catching projects that draw clients’ attention.

Engineering department

Our skilled engineers use cutting-edge technology and industry knowledge to bring your designs to life. We ensure that every aspect of the instore POS is meticulously crafted for durability and functionality.


With specialized production facilities, we seamlessly produce both one-offs and serial production projects with utmost efficiency. Our dedication to quality ensures that the final products meet and exceed your expectations.

Quality Control

Throughout the entire production process, from initial stages to assembly and packaging, consistent quality control checks are conducted and documented. Only products that pass our stringent checks receive the final approval for distribution.

Logistics & Installations

Our support doesn’t end with production. We assist you in implementing the instore POS effectively, providing guidance on placement and optimizing visibility to maximize impact and drive sales.

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We respect our planet

Eurodisplay is committed to reducing the impact instore presentations makes on the environment and the planet as a whole. Our vision is to become the best sustainable POP company and promote change across the supply chain through collaboration and partnerships.

Social responsibility is central to the company’s values with a focus on people and the planet as well as profit. At Eurodisplay, we are initiating best sustainability practices within the company and engaging all teams in the topics and actions of the company. Our sustainability program is alignment to four of the Ecovadis goals :


Labor & Human Rights


Sustainable Procurement


We encourage our teams to rethink the process of POS design as we believe that the conversation on sustainability needs to happen during the early stages of development. At Eurodisplay we take al the design stages in account including the materials, to design for disassembly, packaging & logistics.


Eurodisplay aims to reduce the impact POS makes on our planet. We are committed to reducing energy and emissions used to run our business and manage projects for our customers. In transport, we minimise travel emissions and optimise distribution planning to reduce the carbon footprint of every project.


Where displays can’t be re-used, we will recycle materials as far as possible. Eurodisplay works with specialist recyclers to maximise the volume of materials recycled, with a target to send zero waste to landfill.