Sustainable Displays

Our sustainable displays are made from 100% natural materials, derived from wood, that environmentally-friendly and easy to use in the process of recycling. These plywood displays have a contemporary design without compromising on their strength and quality.

We guarantee that no polluting materials are used, from development to production ending with disposal. We believe that the processes we use must ensure the well-being of people and the environment.

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No need to buy large quantities at once? No problem, a serial production can already be started from 25 pieces. This way you keep your investment relatively low and you can fully test your product in the market. A larger production run can be produced in the same time span (4 to 6 weeks) and you can therefore use your displays at more competitive price. Our team is happy to inform you about the possibilities and budget estimations.


The sustainable displays get a unique appearance due to the playfulness and design you can give them. Whether it’s wine, shoes, chocolate or soft drinks, every product is suitable to be presented in an ecological way. Our design team is ready to be creative with the material and come up with unique solutions so that your product presentation in the store really stands out.


We design many custom displays, but you may not have the time to have this developed and tested. No problem, you may be able to continue perfectly with one of our standard designs that can be used universally. You will receive the design, price and technical specifications the same day. If you want to order them, you only need to provide your logo or branding and we will ensure a fast production.

What are the advantages?


People and planet are our focus while producing plywood POS.

Easy to recycle

Plywood is a natural  and eco-friendly material.

Printable for branding

The display can be easily branded with eco-friendly ink.


Economical for transport (up to 30 displays per pallet).

Solid, durable material

Plywood is a solid material with a lasting life-span.

Easy mounting

No fasteners are needed during the installation.