Dolce Gusto

Within Dolce Gusto, people often get the request to develop a shop-in-shop concept, in function of one or more retailers. This is always tailor-made work, because no location has the same size. However, the uniform look & feel is to be kept as is.

With the brand guidelines of Dolce Gusto in mind, we started to elaborate a flexible piece of furniture that is connectable, so that we can set it up in any kind of space. The end-isle display can also be used in a separate way, for demos. As for the artwork, we used illuminated banners in frames that are also interchangeable. By putting different, striking plastic plates underneath the coffee machines, we enable the white colour to be broken. It also gives the whole look a fun dimension.

These shop-in-shops are custom-made and are being used in Belgium.

Customer: Dolce Gusto
Services: Shop-in-shop

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