Who doesn’t know the savoury combination of Bugles and goat’s cheese? Exactly this combination of Bugles and Chavroux wants to convince Kinepolis of the added value of installing a permanent piece of furniture in all of their locations. However, upon elaborating this concept, one can come across a number of obstacles, one of the most significant being the correct way of cooling the cheese.

Eurodisplay started to brainstorm with the client about this concept, and opted not to work with Kinepolis’ existing refrigeration systems, but incorporating their own system. Needless to say, it is imperative that this blends beautifully in the whole, therefore this new refrigeration was “wrapped” in exactly the same colour as the wood. At the front of the shelves, pet g edges prevent products from falling off the display.

All Kinepolis locations in Belgium now have this display, a clever mix of 2 products in 1 display.

Customer: Pepsico
Services: Instore Displays

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