Sennheiser was looking for a pop-up idea for the launch of their latest headphone. They want to be able to use this pop-up for events for a short period of time. This new headphone, the PXC 550, is mainly focused on a “noise cancelling” of nearly 100%.

After a few brainstorming sessions we started to elaborate the idea to imitate an airplane experience. The sound of an airplane can be quite irritating when you are listening to your favourite music. The construction can be set up in any type of place, thanks to customized framework and interchangeable banners. The consumer gets a unique experience, the decor is set up with real airplane seats, sound installations behind the canvases and a passageway for flight attendants.

The market is very positive about this pop-up concept and in the meantime it has already been used several times for events in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

Client: Sennheiser
Services: Pop-up concept

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