Are you looking for displays or store presentations that have to be placed in the department store from a few months up to one year? Then honeycomb cardboard is the ideal solution for you. We develop your customized display and make a display that has the appeal that your brand deserves. These semi-permanent solutions are easy to use and are budget-friendly.

What is honeycomb cardboard?

Honeycomb cardboard is a widely used basic material to develop an ecologically responsible display. It consists of rigid cardboard with a layered core. These plates are available in thicknesses of 10 mm, 16 mm and 25 mm and can be printed entirely digitally.

We create an optimal and effective store presentation for you, with honeycomb or reboard material, depending on the application for which it serves. They are ideal for displaying your communication message on displays, life-size standees, 3D eye-catchers, trade fair decorations, partitions, furniture, etc. These presentations are ideal for indoor use!

What are the advantages?


The sheet material is extremely strong and is 6x lighter than MDF!


Reboard and honeycomb cardboard is ideal for creating volumes and developing fun concepts. These displays are semi-permanent and can be used from a few months up to a year.


The displays are usually supplied packed flat. They are limited in volume, which saves on shipping costs and they can be installed immediately in the department store.


The material can be printed entirely digitally, so that it has a maximum appeal in the department store.


These displays are fabricated from 100% recyclable materials. Moreover, the production process is environmentally friendly.

Interested in semi-permanent POS?

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